News – Bollywood actresses speaking up

I saw these 2 articles being shared on FB and am really glad that bollywood actresses are speaking up about things that matter.

1. I like Parineeti’s spunk. Here’s how she gets awkward men to talk about periods. Actually, it is not only men but women too who are ashamed to mention the word. 


2. Then, there’s Deepika who responds angrily to cheap tweets – link. U told me that her response sounds like mine would!

News – Snake eats crocodile

Who knew that snakes could eat crocodiles?! I assumed that a crocodile  is too big with too many scales to be eaten whole by snakes. I knew, that snakes had flexible jaws but a croc was not what I expected.  Wouldn’t  it cause tears in their digestive system with all the scales and claws? Apparently not. A snake ate a crocodile in Australia.

Apparently, the snake does not need to eat for another 2 months after this meal. Wow!

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Periods Ad

They are watching TV. Ads are being aired. An ad for sanitary napkins plays. Discomfort fills the room. Somebody changes the channel or people cringe and wait for the next ad. This epitomizes the general attitude to periods among many. The ads for sanitary napkins/pads on TV are a reflection of this attitude.

Almost all ads that I have seen on Indian TV and YouTube:

  • Refer to periods as – That time of the month – un dino (Those days in Hindi) or a sad worried expression on the girl’s face
  • Talk about – Daag (Stain), gilapan (wetness), nervousness, discomfort.
  • Cramps do not exist in their universe. Only fear and gilapan.
  • Nobody shows a picture of the real product. They all show a computer graphic video of the product.
  • Nobody mentions blood. All you see is a blue liquid in the computer graphic video part.

That is why I loved this ad ( I first saw it on IHM’s blog). It is cute, funny and uses words like vagina and period.

“I got my period”
They showed a real tampon and the girl holding it and playing with it and not a computer graphic.
“Menstruation demonstration”
She uses a ketchup bottle not some blue liquid.
“Their vag is the arc”
It shows young girls crying due to cramps.
“Like Santa for your vagina”

I adore this ad and feel we should be comfortable talking about  vaginas and periods without shame.

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Kate Middleton’s baby bump

I am bored about this obsession with Kate Middleton’s pregnancy and baby. I was reading the news and saw this small image of her which made me click on the news about her baby for the first time.

There she was walking  with a pregnant belly though she had just delivered baby. I did not know that women looked pregnant after giving birth. I thought all that amniotic fluid just popped out and thought one had a loose stomach but not that. I have never seen anyone walking around with a pregnant looking belly after the birth of a baby. I admit I am not around pregnant women often but nobody showed me this side of giving birth. 

That takes courage. People here do not walk around until their stomachs are flat again and I don’t see it in India either. Everybody is showing off their pregnant bellies. There are pregnant women photos in all glory on Facebook. Then they give birth. There is a photo of them lying down on that hospital bed with their baby. Of their babies. But never of them standing  with the post pregnancy belly with the baby.

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge show their new-born baby boy to the world's media outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London on July 23, 2013. Before the new mother even left the hospital, members of the Twitterverse expressed their shock that Kate still looked pregnant hours after giving birth.

For that, I really admire her. There is often such a lack of authenticity about our lives, about our struggles, about the not so nice parts of our lives and our bodies. Of course, she was well groomed but  I am glad she did not hide her belly under loose clothes and pretend it did not exist.

Here is an article on that: Article 1   Article 2

P.S: I remembered how a lady was telling us how she felt when people asked her after giving birth as to when she was going to deliver her baby. That was her second child and she did not say “well, women look like this after birth”. Instead she told us all how she felt and that she needs to lose weight and get a flatter stomach, so that people would stop asking her that. 

News: Barack Obama and sexism

This is the news all over US papers – Barack Obama and his sexist remarks 

Kamala Harris ‘Compliment’ that leaves Barack Obama eager to shake off sexism tag

Here is the remark that caused all this drama:

“She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated, she’s tough,” Obama said of the California attorney general. “She also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney general…”

As a feminist, what is my opinion about this?:

  1. I feel people or whoever started this are over reacting.
  2. Let us be realistic and really look into ourselves and our society. Looks do matter. Men or women.
  3. He did not say, she is dumb and all she has is looks. Then I would be offended.  He complimented her work and added that she looks good.
  4. This kind of uproar assumes that only men judge women in terms of looks but women don’t. If we were honest  with ourselves, we know it is not true. 
  5. This makes it sound like, women do not want to look good but are forced into looking good by a evil society which values women on how good they look, not what they do.
  6. I think, in the name of feminism, we should stop rejecting everything considered traditionally feminine. We used to think feminine things are inferior and now, women rejecting everything feminine in name of equality are implying as well that feminine is inferior which is why they are rejecting it. At the same time, I do not want other people imposing their ideas of what feminine must be on me. 

Next time, somebody pays you a compliment about your looks, remember you manners and say a graceful thank you. Take offence, when it is sexist and giving compliments is not sexist. 

News: Batman brings in suspect

Here is a nice piece of news:

A man dressed in batman costume handed in a suspect to the police. How nice!

A man dressed as the caped crusader Batman has handed over a wanted man at a Bradford police station before disappearing into the night. Police said the costumed crime-fighter marched the 27-year-old man into Trafalgar House Police Station, in the early hours of 25 February. The man was charged with handling stolen goods and fraud offences. Police said: “The person who brought the man in was dressed in a full Batman outfit. His identity remains unknown.”

News: Rape and a lame Indian judiciary

I read this article on IHM’s blog and it made me really angry..

Does a rapist deserve a reduced sentence because he lost control since he was living away from his family?.

This is one of the lamest things I have heard of.

To quote from the article – The Bombay High Court has reduced punishment for a man convicted of sodomising a 10-month-old girl child, accepting his contention that he lost control over himself as he was living away from his family.

Who loses control over a 10 month old child?If he had been with his family and lost control, he would rape his wife even when she did not want to have sex or with his kids? If it had been an older girl, they would just have blamed the girl of provoking the man and making him lose control. If men have absolutely no control over themselves, then why do they claim to be the superior sex and can you imagine our entire society is run and controlled by people out of control!

I think we need serious work on changing the mentality of the people – you rape, you are responsible and the judiciary should reinforce this not making the rapist feel justified. So many people live ‘away from their families’ and we see so many people wearing short clothes abroad. So is everyone raped? So men just go about losing control? What are living in? A society where half the population are raving mad and can lose control any moment? Shall we live in fear forever? Just another way to control women ad keep us submissive in fear…

This is one of lamest arguments I have heard in my life and shame on the lawyer and judge who let this thing fly without slamming it down completely.

I am really really disappointed with Bombay High court, M L Tahaliyani and Arfan Sait.