Listening to: Egire Mabbulalona from Happy (2006, Telugu)

I watched this movie (3rd or 4th time) last month and this song has been running in my head since then.

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What I’m Into – March 2016

I have been wanting to write a summary of what I’am reading, watching or listening to after seeing many other bloggers write about it. I love reading such posts and because I consume so much media, it is a great way to reflect and track for me. I wish to post at the end of every month as a summary but I can’t wait to get the first post out of my head!


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Roller Girl: It is technically meant for 8-12 year olds but I liked it. Nice story. I was introduced and learnt a new thing – roller derby!

Roller Girl

Spark Joy: I loved her previous book and I liked this one too. It had sections I wished the first book had- about kitchen and other parts of the house. I did not find it weird because in a way I am exposed to Japanese culture.

Spark Joy

TV Series:

One Punch Man: One punch manI watched this in February and loved it. In general, Japanese anime does not interest me but I found this interesting and funny. It mocks all the superhero genre movies (like the Avengers) and show the superhero doing mundane stuff like grocery shopping. Do note that there are barely any good female characters and if they are there, they are pretty or crazy. No normal ones which again is typical in a way of this genre. I watched it in Japanese with Eng subs.

Walking Dead: Walking DeadAfter watching every single episode from Season 1, I finally decided to stop watching this series. I am tired of the repetition and lack of hope. Every time it is the same story – find a new place to settle > Some crazy guy comes in > They lose the place > Move to a new place.

Agents of SHIELD:

Agents of Shield

Another TV series, I decided to stop watching. It is not great. We initially started watching it because it was mean to be tied to the movie universe but somehow, they have decided to not link them at all. So, out it goes.

Agent Carter:

Agent Carter

I liked this TV series because it has a strong normal woman as the lead and her chemistry with the butler – Jarvis is awesome. Hope they continue and move ahead in terms of how SHIELD was founded.


Lately, I have been into R rated comedies.  Kindly don’t watch if you have a problem with people cussing.

Deadpool: It was funny and different from most Marvel/superhero movies. It made fun of  Marvel Superheroes and of X-Men. Interesting because it broke the 4th wall.

Deadpool movie

Spy: Funny and I loved how it mocked James Bond movies.

Spy  2015

The Heat: Was funny and I liked the female buddy-buddy detective theme.


I feel both Spy and The Heat pass the Bedchel test, especially The Heat. You have a not-skinny woman dealing with not-love problems. That is rare.

Music: Nevermind by Leonard Cohen

Last night, Uncle wanted to watch season 2 of True Detective and I was in 2 minds about watching it. I had watched the first season and liked it. However, the moment the opening song of the series started, I was hooked and joined Uncle to watch it. I like how they choose scene appropriate songs in this series – in terms of music and lyrics. They are ominous and creepy all at the same time which is how the TV series is.

Here is the song from season 2 –

Their opening song from season was equally creepy.

Listening to: Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

There is a story behind this song – I had never heard this song until a friend changed the lyrics & I couldn’t stop laughing at the ‘improved’ version. As I did not know the original song, I had to go and check this out.  The original is not bad either 🙂

Note: Looks like I do not talk about current political issues happening here. I am aware and have my [strong] opinions but it could spell trouble to be honest in some cases.  If you are interested, you can always ask me when you meet me 🙂

Listening to: Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins – Top Gun

I am listening to it literally right now as  I type this out. Been busy at work and edgy (and annoyed) due to it lately. Anyways, I am listening to