Hello There! Welcome to my blog!I am Boiling Wok [that’s not my real name]. I prefer being anonymous at this point in time, so you could address me by my blog’s name. One of the most frequent characters appearing on my blog is Uncle who is my husband. 

The name came about when I was discussing with someone and they felt it described me pretty well. I am small but can have quite a temper [but I rarely explode in people’s faces but am often quite blunt which many people dislike] and  a wok is very Asian. It fits perfectly because I am an Indian and currently in south-east Asia.

This blog is a mix of personal + feminism + other random stuff. I make lists for almost everything and love organizing and it is evident throughout my blog.

I focus on:

  • Social issues – I have always loved to observe and comment on society, gender, race, culture. From boring telling my friends my opinions, I have moved to blogging about it.
  • Natural beauty and holistic health –  I have always been interested in natural/clean beauty and now with easy access and wide range of organic/natural cosmetics available, I have been trying out various products and reviewing them. Also, I keenly follow the health and food movements and analyse them as much as I can.
  • Minimalism – I  have always loved simplifying and imagined a minimalist lifestyle even when I was young. I love decluttering (it gives me an adrenaline boost!) and am constantly looking at ways to improve and move my life towards minimalism.
  • Environmentalism – Another cause I always was into as long as  I remember and I try to be as eco friendly as I can without driving myself or others nuts. And I don’t like being preachy about it and know most people do not.
  • Science and research – Once upon a time, I was a scientist and still am in my life. Have not blogged a lot on this aspect but will one day.
  • Random things 
  • Food

Do look around and read my post and I always love feedback 🙂

If you wish to contact me, you can find my email on the Contact Me page.

21 thoughts on “About

            1. Thanks, I will for sure! Is it gmail or hotmail?
              You blog is amazing! I couldn’t stop smiling with all the reviews about indian culture, coming from am indian woman, i have to say you are very brave

              1. It is a temporary email that will forward me the emails I receive to my inbox. And it is password protected. SO, others cannot see the emails.

                As of now, I do not have an email specifically for the blog and my personal emails have my name in them.I prefer being anonymous.

                Aww… thank you so much for your compliments. I always love positive feedback 🙂

                1. Oki thank you i will send you an email in the upcoming days.
                  I understsmd you because me as well i wanna keep myself anonymous as well 😉

                  Yes, you blog is very interesting and you have a very own way to see things ( for an indian i supose).

                  Thank you. See you soon!

          1. Aquarius because your posts reflect some degree of eccentric and dogmatic/opionated thinking 🙂 (It’s a compliment)
            Virgo because you mentioned in one of the comments that you have a strong compulsion in you to organize everything.Virgos are doing that always.They need everything to be in order, in place and they need perfection in everything 🙂 .They cannot tolerate un-organized stuff or mis-organized stuff.
            My last guess,- Pisces. If not you might be a cusp of either of the two first guesses 🙂 :).If not, pardon me for my wrong analysis :).I will take it as a learning 🙂

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