News: Unroll.Me Has Been Selling User Data

Unroll.Me has been highly recommended in several blogs I follow for simplifying and managing your email inbox. Basically, it accesses your gmail and collates all the email newsletters you have subscribed to and then asks if you want to subscribe to them or unsubscribe. If you still wish to be subscribed, it collates them all in 1 newsletter for you to go through it at one go.

I have used Unroll.Me to unsubscribe but have immediately removed the app from my account. I am surprised and upset that user’s inboxes were scanned and data was being sold to various companies.

To be safer in the future, it is best to restrict access of third-party apps like Unroll.Me and Boomerang to your emails. They are free. Of course, they are going to earn money in some other way. Also, this opens you up to hacking and vulnerabilities that cannot be controlled by your email provider.

The NYT article is here. The Guardian article is here. I actually learnt about this yesterday when reading NYT’s article on Uber and its business practices. It seems less and less  like a nice company.

Note: Sorry about my long absence from blogging. I didn’t really feel like blogging due to some personal reasons. 

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