Review: Eco Essentials Sughandi Bath Powder

Updated on 9 Jan, 2017

I bought Eco Essentials Sughandi Bath Powder at Khadi Eco Basket in Secunderabad and was really excited to try it.

Ingredients: Indian sarsaparilla, Spiked Ginger Lily, Vetiver, Crape ginger, Wild turmeric, Dhumparastrum, Neem, Sandalwood, Tulasi, Rose petals, Green gram powder, other herbs etc. [See the photo below]

Eco Essentials Sughandi Bath Powder

Price: 50 rupees

Size: 100g

How to use it: Make a paste with 2-3 tablespoons of the powder with water or milk and apply paste all over body.

Texture: Not finely ground.

Smell: Smells nice and herb-like pleasant

Feel: I really wanted to like it but I did not like it on its own because it is coarsely ground and my skin felt like it was being scratched when I applied this paste and it hurt a little even though I had oil on my skin. I now use it mixed with finely ground green gram powder in a ratio of 1:1 which alleviates decreases the coarseness of the bath powder overall. I would not recommend using this particular bath powder daily because of its coarse nature but weekly should be fine only when it is mixed with finely ground green gram powder or besan (gram flour).

Attempt 6 – 9 Jan, 2017

I tried the powder on its own. This time, I did things differently. I made the powder into a more watery paste. My skin was throughly wet. Then, I rubbed the watery paste gently on my skin. It did not hurt.

Do note that it is better not to do it on freshly shaved/waxed skin or on areas with skin issues like blisters or cuts. Also, do not scrub too hard or use on dry skin.

Note: Herbal bath powders do not foam like soaps though there is little foam due to green gram powder.

Overall: 2.7 3.3/ 5

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