On Cherries

As I was walking home, I saw that the vendor was selling cherries in loose. Usually the supermarket sells it in pre packed boxes and it is quite expensive. The only cherries I have had were those sugar soaked sour ones found on top of cakes and I never liked them. I was curious to try fresh cherries. The cherries were great and I was pleasantly surprised by their sweet taste.


I realized that I have never had fresh cherries all my life until last week ha ha.

Are there any fruits you have never tried or tried only recently?

7 thoughts on “On Cherries

  1. Yep, had the same experience. Tasted cherries when I came to HK, loved them, my mum even takes them back to India with her (apparently they’re good for those with heart conditions).

  2. I saw and ate fresh cherries for the first time when I visited USA in 2009. It’s just awesome. I gorged on them the rest of my stay. Another of my favorites is persimmon that I had for the first time when I visited Malaysia. Sad I don’t get any of these where I stay.

  3. Ha ha, I can relate to this! In Nepal when growing up, cherries were those things found on top of cakes.. I hated them too! But the fresh cherries, which I tried many, many years later after the experiences with those birthday cherries from Nepal, here in Poland were much better! 🙂 I tried cocoa fruit last year in Sri Lanka. It was okay, not a big fan of it but it was just okay.

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