If I am not Having It

If I am not having it, you can’t have it either. 

I find this attitude ridiculous but it is quite common. The underlying principle for this attitude is “I paid for it and I have no use for it but I would rather let it go to waste than let someone use it for free/cheaper cost because they did not pay (the full price) for it – I mean, why should they enjoy it for free/discounts when I paid full price for it?”

  • Today morning I saw a dustbin placed in the middle of a parking lot where my boss usually parks the car. Boss is on leave and that parking lot will be empty this week. My colleague must have done that because they do not want anybody else parking in that lot because it belongs to our office! Our lane is a very high traffic area with narrow lanes and people end up parking on the side of the lanes blocking other vehicles. If the parking lot is going to be empty, what is wrong if other people park there temporarily?
  • Same with a supermarket here. They give discounts for food that is going to expire soon but the price is so high even after the discount and I know nobody will buy it for that price.  Why not slash the price to $3 instead of keeping it at $8/$14 when the milk or salami is going to expire in 3 days?! When we provided feedback to the manager, they come up with their lame standard reply: ‘If we slash the price too much, people will wait for us to cut the price rather than pay full price.’ The unsold expired food is thrown away. To me it seems criminal that perfectly good food is flown all the way from USA or EU and then thrown away because the management is unwilling to provide proper discounts. Why would anyone pay that much for about to expire stuff when I can get fresher food for $1-2 more?
  • Another example from my office: We had perfectly good samples packs of scientific reagents from redundant brands which could have been used to perform 3-4 experiments. As we got it for free and even though the brands were no longer relevant to us, I did not see why we could not give it away to some customer who might put it to use. Instead, it was not given away and all the stuff expired and we still have it in our office – It was neither used nor thrown away. To me, it is just a waste of plastic and reagents which could have been used by someone.

Of course, there are cases when I have something I do not need but cannot find takers for it or don’t know where to look.

In my opinion, if one has something that is going to expire or not of use to them, it is best to give it away or sell it to someone who has some use for it rather than selfishly hoard it. In the end, one doesn’t use it and neither do others. It is just a waste of resources. 

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