Review: Sunfeather Chamomile Rose Soap

A long time since I reviewed a soap though I have been using several different ones! I am currently using Sunfeather Chamomile Rose soap. This is the first time I have used any product from this brand. I got it from iHerb but I am sure it can be found in several stores in USA.

Sunfeather Chamomile Rose Soap


Ingredients: Saponified oils – olive + coconut + palm*, titaniun dioxide, cedarwood oil, rose geranium oil, natural cranberry aromatic, chamomile oil, lavender oil, rosemary leaf extract

Sunfeather Chamomile Rose Soap Ingredients

*Lately, I have been looking for palm oil free cosmetics and products because of haze. It has proven to be incredibly difficult to find some. Even, so many products in Asia have palm oil, even though they are suffering poor air quality by using those very same products. I did find very few soaps without it and I wanted to try other brands. Some soaps have sustainable sourced palm oil.

Price: I paid roughly 5.6SGD on iHerb

Size: 121g medium.

Sunfeather Chamomile Rose Soap

Note: The soap developed a sticky coating but that must be due to the high humidity here and the fact that it was packed in cardboard which attracted moisture.

Scent: It smells amazing! Strong smell and has a rose + geranium scent

Lather: Good. I usually rub the soap on a  Body Shop loofah and use it.

Feel: A little drying on my skin.

Overall: 4/5

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