News: High Rates of Suicide Among Indian Housewives

Why are so many Indian housewives killing themselves? Because a lot of them have no other way out of such a patriarchal system. They have no freedom in any sense from economic to mental and no support from their own families or their husbands.

Some excerpts:

‘More than 20,000 housewives took their lives in India in 2014.’

‘Yet the high number of homemakers killing themselves doesn’t make front page news in the way farmer suicides do, year after year.’

‘Dr Vikram Patel, a leading Goa-based psychiatrist and professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who co-authored the Lancet study, tells me that the high rate of housewife suicides in India can be attributed to a double whammy of “gender and discrimination”.

Many women face arranged marriages by force. They have dreams and aspirations, but they often do not get supportive spouses. Sometimes their parents don’t support them either. They are trapped in a difficult system and social milieu,” he says.’

What can we do to improve this? Promote gender equality in every sense.

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