My First Trip To Croatia -2

After spending few days in Zagreb, we went by bus to Split where I spent most of my holidays. The bus journey to Split is about 5 hours. You could take it if you wish to see the scenery. If you want to maximize your time, just take the 30 minutes flight.

How the scenery changed as we moved from Zagreb to Split:

It started like this


Then became like this

Snow in the forests

We came to Split around lunch time and it was perfect. Uncle’s dad picked us up and we had lunch at his parents place. Usually it is Uncle who needs time to rest after a journey but in Split, he was ready to go out for coffee and a walk while it was still daylight 😉 Of course because it is winter and Split looks like this!!

Twas the week before Christmas in Split
Twas the week before Christmas in Split alongside Riva

I am quite glad I got to explore Split when there were little tourists. Also, I experienced the government offices as well. I walked downtown every single day and did what a typical Split person does:

  1. Wear Sunglasses. Always.
  2. Go to a cafe on the Riva (It is the waterfront and downtown)
  3. Drink coffee. As it was Christmas time, there were lot of stalls with alcohol. So, we were drinking Rakija a lot too.
  4. Watch people go by and look out for someone you know.
  5. You will always find someone you know because everybody is on the Riva.
  6. Talk to them.

Things I liked about Split:

  1. The Mediterranean weather 
  2. Relaxed pace of life
  3. Small town and you are always running into people
  4. Safe
  5. An ancient city and I am walking on the exact road which was used about 1700 years ago which I found very cool
  6. Fun people
It is a working day and the week before Christmas and everybody is out on the Riva
cafe split croatia
This cafe is in the Diocletian’s palace. The place is full of cafes like this.
IMG_20151221_132815_HDR (1)
These buildings are hundreds of years old and daily life still goes on in them as usual. I am fascinated by this.
Sphinx croatia Split
Egyptian Sphinx bought to Croatia 1800 years ago. The sphinxes were decapitated and destroyed with arrival of Christianity.
Jupiter Temple
Jupiter Temple
The view from Viewpoint, Marjan
The view from Viewpoint, Marjan
Split beach
Beach with the cleanest waters I have ever seen
Tradicija Split
Tradicijia – Go to this place in the morning before 9:30 AM and grab the good stuff before it is gone!

Tradicija Bakery

Kantun Paulina – Best Chevap in town! Not suitable for vegetarians.

Kantun Paulina

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