Now is the Best Time

This is not a post about seizing the day and doing things right NOW! as the title suggests.

We were watching a movie about the Knights of Templar and it struck me….the same thing that strikes me when I watch Game of Thrones(GoT).

I absolutely have no idea about the daily life of an average Indian man or woman from the early or the middle ages. History textbooks are full of information only about the kings, their kingdoms, wars and who married who and how they died. Nothing about what an average person like me did.

Life seems like shit for most people without access to basic necessities unless they are rich/royal. Even, for them, there is this constant scheming and bartering of women. Just look at GoT. Yes, I am aware that it is fiction but it gives a good picture of what it is to be a woman in the middle ages and it is inspired by life in the dark ages.

If you ask me, I feel now is one of the best times to live as an average person in our history. I am really grateful for being born in this period. The opportunities, information, choices, mobility (economic and region wise) we have now is unparalleled. However, this information can make one think that there are so many problems in today’s world. I feel that this is a result of information availability than having more problems than before.

You know those “glorious ancient India” and “we were so great until the west took over” {idiotic} enthusiasts who keep on sharing how scientifically advanced we were and harping about how good our life was back then? Was an ordinary woman’s life really so much better than now?* I doubt it. Sure, we all have made wrong decisions along the way. We  could learn and choose the good things from the past but please stop telling me how modernization has ruined us all.

*I am aware that many women still do not have access to basic necessities and that is sad and should change. I imagined myself in the older times.

These enthusiasts can always reserve yourselves a place on the {yet to be invented} time machine and go back to the ancient times.Me? I want to live here now.


7 thoughts on “Now is the Best Time

  1. Of course men will say things were happier earlier. They were just short of their mothers opening their mouth with one hand and putting spoons of food into it, while they were sprawled on the couch watching Cricket. Lol
    Women did NOT have it easier then and it still is not easy now, but relatively much better.
    Also this is now, when Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Iced Frappé and soft contact lens started existing. So…

  2. Had this conversation with V. He felt that people were happier in his parents’ day. My opinion was, definitely not women. They had so few choices and opportunities and even giving birth could be a fatal undertaking.

    1. It is easy to go down the nolstalgia lane when ‘everything was simpler and slower’ and so easy for men. As a woman, I don’t think so. From my observations as a kid –
      – I never saw a woman wear anything other than sarees/salwars or nighties with petticoats even when it was hot. I wear what I please now.
      – Marrying or not
      – When and if one wants to have kids. I have met only few women who did not have kids and that was because of reasons well beyond their control
      – Sticking with abusive husbands
      – Coming back at 4 AM in the morning
      – Not having a wedding dictated by the guy’s family
      – Not living with my in laws
      – Not entertaining and hosting constant inflow and outflow of relatives in my home
      – Not cooking when I feel like

      There are so many things I would not have access to. Yes, life seems less stressful back then and simpler but that is a choice we can make today if we please. We can turn off our phones/FB/Emails at night/weekends, becomes minimalists if we choose to.

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