Travel Tips

Despite my pre travel jitters [not CC Jitters 😛 ]*, I am glad that travelling skills have improved.

Travel tips for carry-ons and airport checks

Travel Tips for Carry Ons:

  • Have a hard shell carry on suitcase and a Handbag/Backpack.
  • Keep the carry on empty if you are travelling to a cold climate except keeping your laptop.
  • Take bags with a wide opening because you will be taking things out often. I have travelled with narrow opening but deep bags and it is so annoying to hunt for stuff!
  • Keep your passport/tickets in the handbag.
  • Keep your laptop in your hard shell suitcase.

This advice is from Uncle. Other passengers and the cabin crew often push your luggage around and nobody cares if your stuff gets squashed/broken. His laptop was damaged once because of this. My observation is that many people have too much in their carry on.

  • Keep your winter jacket with your gloves in the pockets in the carry on suitcase once you are inside the airport. Yes, this means you have to open your suitcase at the airport (like Uncle pointed out) but so freeing to walk around. Having it in your carry on means you can wear it at the airport before you step out into the cold after you land.
  • Do not board your place wearing your winter jackets and accessories. I have seen so many people do this! It is so uncomfortable to sit wearing your jacket and scarf for the length of the trip. The alternative is to hunt for space and squash it in the overhead compartment or stuffing under your seats.

Once, Uncle sat squashed in the middle seat of an 8 hour long flight and he had a Panama hat with him. He could not keep it in the overhead compartment  as it would get squashed, it was non foldable, so he kept it in his lap the entire trip! He still has the hat. I would have gone nuts and dumped it in a bag. Hard shell suitcase to the rescue!

Travel Tips for Airport Security Checks:

  • Do not go through the security checks with your jacket on because they will make you remove everything. It is a waste of time taking stuff on and off. A cardigan would suffice. Keep the jacket in the carry on.
  • Keep your phone & other electronics switched off.
  • Do not wear watches with metal. Wear plastic ones or don’t wear one unless you want to be taking it off.
  • Don’t keep metal objects including keys in your pockets. Keep it in the bag. Takin things in and out is one way people end up losing things.
  • Wear easy to remove boots/shoes because you will be taking them off several times even when in transit and sometimes even for local flights.
  • Don’t carry water. Carry an empty water bottle if you must.

*A Flash reference – This is the cafe in the TV series.

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