Nerves Before Travel

Every time I am about to go on a trip, I am a bundle of nerves and so high on adrenaline that I don’t need caffeine ha ha. I am functioning on little sleep but finishing chores, planning, over analyzing and running around like an energizer Duracell bunny. 

I don’t like leaving things half done before  I go on leave, so I try to clear up as much stuff as I can. This time as I was returning only after the new year, I felt I had to close everything because it would be the new year by the time I am back.

I am often worried that I might forget something for the trip. Logically, I shouldn’t but I still worry. I was all nervous that I would forget some cosmetics before my trip to USA which is ironic considering that I get so much of my stuff from USA. It is not like I am travelling to some far flung deserted place with no access to modern shops. I am almost always in a city/town and I usually do not have issues finding stuff I (may) have forgotten to bring. 

Every single time we travel, we vow to travel with less but I don’t know how we always end up lugging large suitcases full of stuff. So much for minimalism 😀

Somehow or the other, my flights end being at odd times like 4AM, so we ended up being in the airport by 10PM this time. 

Strangely, stuff I am not nervous about include –

  1. Something happening to the flight I am in
  2. Immigration checks
  3. My luggage getting lost
  4. Passing the customs
  5. Having to wait a long time at the luggage belt to collect my stuff

which is often many people are worried about!

Do you have pre travel jitters?


6 thoughts on “Nerves Before Travel

  1. I’m obsessed with traveling light – and after I’ve arrived in some place, I always regret not taking enough clothes or a variety of clothes and shoes for those just-in-case-fancy-ocassions. Which invariably occur:)

  2. My pre travel jitters are all thanks to multiple restroom trips, courtesy the extra tummy upsetting food I tend to consume just before journeys. You’d think after 28 years and so much travel I would learn something, eh? I deserve the Darwin Award.

  3. Love the positivity in this post and in your attitude about travel.
    Being nervous is what I feel too before travels & lugging heavy, large suitcases, is so me 😀
    Happy travelling!!

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