Review: Laundry Detergents

As I was gradually switching to more eco-friendly products in my beauty routine and home, I came across a post about a local natural brand – Idocare. I bought it once my laundry detergent ran out. 

Idocare Lavender Fields Concentrated Laundry Powder


I have been using Idocare laundry detergent since Aug 2013. I initially bought it online from their website but later discovered that is was available at a store nearby – Yes Natural where I now buy it.

Price: 12SGD for 1Kg. I used to purchase Attack which now costs about 10SGD for 2-3Kg.

Verdict: The detergent works well  in terms of cleaning side so far and I have no complaints. It lasts us quite a while maybe around 2-3 months. 

The only minor design detail that is not great is that each pack has 1 scoop inside and not outside the plastic bag. It is often always buried deep inside. So, you have to empty half of the bagt at least to get the scoop. That is okay if you are the sort who transfers the detergent to a different box. Usually, I open it and use a clip on the original bag. Therefore, I save the last pack’s scoop for reuse.

Secondly, the clothes come out unscented  or very mildly scented even if the detergent is lavender scent. This is great for babies with allergies.

The other day Uncle said that he was bored with our washed clothes smelling like nothing when conventional detergents smelled so good. He had a point.


Why does being eco-friendly mean not great smelling? 

I knew there had to be a solution because clean cosmetics did not smell great earlier and they have improved so much over the last few years.  

On the cost of eco friendly cleaners

Holy shit! Until I was looking up prices for this post,  I had conveniently blocked out the prices of conventional detergents because they are way cheaper. Why does being eco friendly have to be so expensive? Shouldn’t we be the ones getting more discounts because we are making earth friendly choices and choosing not to release too many toxins in the environment.

How can we encourage more people to switch to earth friendly alternatives when it is so expensive?

So much for those who claim switching to a natural lifestyle ‘saved them lots of money’ hmph.

Zum Clean Laundry Soap – frankincense & myrhh

I scouted  local supermarket websites and iHerb for laundry detergents. I came across Zum Clean Laundry Soap on iHerb. It had the best reviews in terms of the scent though some complained that it was too diluted recently. I chose the frankincense & myrhh scent because I have tried the Zum soap with the same scent and it smells awesome. This scent is almost always out of stock and I purchased it the moment it was in stock.

Price:18SGD (ouch!)  for 900mL. It is quite expensive in my opinion considering when I can get 2 litres of conventional laundry detergent for 6SGD.

When I received the package, I was so disappointed. When  I saw the photos, I visualized a large can of detergent like the conventional ones but it was a thin tiny can.


Do note that the detergent can be a bit messy to pour out of the can. They recommended using 8 capfuls for a full load in a top loading machine. So, we used about 4 caps for half a load and clearly we overdid it.

Next time onwards, we started using 1.5 caps for a full load + 1/2 scoop of Idocare laundry powder and this combinations works well in terms of smell and costs.

Note: Companies always recommend you to use double the amount of what you actually need so that you will use their products faster and buy more. Applies literally to everything form detergents to face washes. Do not listen to them. 

Verdict: Our clothes smell so good that we love it. They smell great for days afterwards just like conventional detergents. It cleans well too. Overall, it was worth the price tag but I feel it could be cheaper. 

It is my laundry detergent nirvana (mixed with another powder) at the moment!

Other laundry detergents

I feel iHerb does not have a broad range of laundry detergents at the moment. The other day, I checked Cold Storage and was surprised with their wide range. More options to check out in the future!

Notes on laundry usage and cleaning

  1. The reviews are based on laundry usage for 2 adults with no kids.
  2. A typical full load of clothes in our case generally consists of  3-4 western dresses, 1-2 tops, 1-2 men’s shirts, undies, socks, 1-3 hand towels, 1-2 towels,1 bedsheet and 1-2 pillow covers.
  3. My clothes do not get as dirty as it did when I was in India because overall, everything is cleaner. I do not know how these detergents will perform in dustier environments.
  4. We don’t have any kid related messes either. I really do not know these will perform in those cases.
  5. We wash our clothes in room temperature water and do not use hot water.
  6. We use a top loading machine and line dry the clothes. I am not sure if using a dryer would take away some of Zum’s scent.

2 thoughts on “Review: Laundry Detergents

  1. When in Singapore I discovered a detergent called Allegra. It’s from Finland and a lady named Lisa imports it. Comes in a huge tub (and has a pack of washing machine cleaner to use before you start & a pack of stain remover) which lasts our messy household a good 6-7 months. She delivers the tub home for a fee or you can collect from her. In fact I so love this product that I carried two tubs with me in our shipping container. I will worry about getting more when this finishes!!!!

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