Review: Soulflower Soaps

On my recent trips to Hyderabad, I was excited to come across Soulflower soaps in Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle. The ingredient lists looked good and they all smelled awesome. I picked up 3 of them and have used 2 so far. They range in price from INR 200 to INR 400. I picked up 1-2 soaps on sale for INR 125. So, I would definitely recommend watching out for sales.


Soulflower Light me up soap

I also used Baby your skin soap.

Ingredients: Essential oils, gram flour, turmeric, orange peel powder, glycerin, saponified oils 

Soulflower Light me Up Ingredients

Size: 150 g

Review: Smells awesome. I really hope they are not using any chemical scents in their soaps. Lathers well. 

The ‘Light Me Up’ really has turmeric. Our loofah became discloured using this soap but we don’t mind. Do take note if you do not wish to discolour yours. 

The ‘Baby Your Skin’ smelled faintly chocalatey. Lathers equally well.

Rating: 4.5/5

P.S: Overall, I am really glad that natural soaps are now available in India.  However, do take note of many brands that list only the natural ingredients and conveniently do not list the rest which are ‘not so natural’. Another set are the greenwashers which claim to be ‘natural’ but are not. These include Meera herbal powder, Khadi soaps, Biotique etc. 

2 thoughts on “Review: Soulflower Soaps

  1. I loved the fact that you added a word of caution regarding the not-so-natural ingredients that are being used by the many skin care & cosmetic brands mentioned under the label of natural ingredients. Biotique & Khadi are the two that I have read about at many places.
    Picking these from Sale sounds like a great idea 🙂

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