On Tom Cruise

I watched Mission Impossible 5 and I was thinking of how Tom Cruise’s career went down just because he jumped in excitement on the couch in Oprah’s show. It is amazing how he performs many of his own stunts.

I don’t really see that as reason for ostracizing him. Maybe he was acting. Maybe he was over excited. However, I do not really get why his would damage his career in such a fashion.

Meanwhile in Bollywood, you can (maybe) kill someone and still have the entire industry visiting you and coming out in support. Now, that is an act that should result in someone’s career being damaged irreparably but seeing from the response to Bhajrang Bhaijaan and all his other movies, I don’t think so.

Now, I am not really into knowing or admiring movie stars because in real life they all tend to disappoint you in some way or the other. Why is that some people get away with killing and some can’t get away with jumping on a couch in excitement?

It is a messed up world.

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