Music: Nevermind by Leonard Cohen

Last night, Uncle wanted to watch season 2 of True Detective and I was in 2 minds about watching it. I had watched the first season and liked it. However, the moment the opening song of the series started, I was hooked and joined Uncle to watch it. I like how they choose scene appropriate songs in this series – in terms of music and lyrics. They are ominous and creepy all at the same time which is how the TV series is.

Here is the song from season 2 –

Their opening song from season was equally creepy.


4 thoughts on “Music: Nevermind by Leonard Cohen

  1. OMG you won’t believe what I’m doing right now………watching true detective! My newest addiction! I didn’t know the song was by Leonard Cohen, he is really famous in Canada. He also has a great book of poetry too 🙂

      1. if you are into creepy songs u shud check the songs which feature on pretty little liars especially the ones by the group digital daggers … i like them 🙂

        1. Not exactly because they creep me out but sometimes they can draw me into watching something I might not have considered and I need a context. I don’t watch pretty little liars at the moment.

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