News: Gay marriage declared legal across US

Uncle told me the news  that gay marriage was legalised all over the USA by the supreme court just before we went to sleep.

I checked the news and FB next day and my news feed was full of the same news and many people changing their profile pictures to celebrate the news. Hmm…I wonder how many people really know or care about it instead of just following the trend for changing the profile pic just like ALS ice bucket challenge? Of course, there will always be negative Nellies spouting their wisdom. One more country is better than one less country right?! Every step towards progress has to be celebrated because we are better off today than yesterday.

In case you are wondering (or new to the blog) I am glad that they have finally legalised it because love rules 🙂 Also, I believe sexuality can largely be genetic and I do not believe people should be punished for their genes. I mean, how many of us spent time deciding we will be attracted only to the opposite gender?

To be honest, even the cynical me was touched to see photos of so many happy couples overjoyed at the ruling.  Couples who waited decades for their relationships to be legal.

I am hoping it will happen soon in India as well. 

2 thoughts on “News: Gay marriage declared legal across US

  1. I am so glad it has been made legal, it is a long time coming. I hope the 2016 election follows with another progressive leader there too.

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