Much ado about a clock

I am the sort of person who needs to have a wall clock in my room. The clock should be minimalist, with 12 numbers, not too small and no ugly designs or colours. I do not like clocks with pendulums or musical clocks. Basically, I know what I want in the clock department and I know it when I see it.

One slow afternoon as life was ticking along peacefully; Uncle was annoyed by my clock and removed its battery!

Why? The ticking sound of the clock.

I never had any problem with the ticking of the clock and even found it meditative when the room was silent. On the other hand, he felt it was like a time bomb waiting to explode like a drill in his head (edited because he corrected me upon reading this post). He couldn’t sit or focus or fall asleep when the clock was ticking like that. My room did not have a functional clock and I did not like that. It was a matter of days before I went looking for a silent clock.

Luckily, I found one and bought it. Life ticked along for 2 years. Last year, the clock stopped working. I purchased another silent clock from our neighbourhood store. The new clock also did not work well in a matter of few months and I was so annoyed. The hand of the new clock moved when laid horizontally but stopped the moment I hung it vertically on the wall. What kind of a weird clock problem is that?!

Uncle’s theory was that none of the clocks I bought lasted long because they were some cheap no-brand crap which was true in a way. I started looking around for a good brand of clocks. We decided to get a Seiko/Casio clock because they were trusted brands and their clocks are known to last a long time.

Day 1 without clock

When I started searching for a branded clock, I realised how few clock stores are around in comparison to watch stores. Every mall has at least one watch store but not a clock store. I found a clock store near my house with Seiko clocks but they have only 2 silent clocks and they were not nice. On top of that they cost about $75 which was too much in our opinion.

Day 2 without clock

I checked the mall near my office and they had silent clocks from a brand called Rhythm only and I had never heard of that brand (It is a Japanese brand). No success finding a clock.

Day 3 without clock

I did not have a functional clock for 3 days and I was getting nervous. I couldn’t stop thinking of clocks and where to find them.

Uncle – Why is it so hard to find a clock?

Me – It is hard to find a clock that meets our requirements. Ikea has a clock for $2. Daiso has a clock for $2. They go tick-tock. Clocks are easy to find but not the silent ones. Clocks are not cool. Many don’t really care what kind of a clock they have as long as it works unlike us.

I wanted to go to another market area for clocks. We went to look for a clock and found out that the store I had previously bought a clock from, no longer existed. I was crushed. We were looking around when we found another clock store. The store had been around that area for past 30 years. So, they sounded like they were going to be around in the future. And they had Seiko clocks. Many silent models. And under $50. I was over the moon. 

We got a clock and it now hangs on the wall and my life has ticked back to normalcy. I smile when I see the clock in the morning 🙂


Seiko Silent Clock
The clock on the wall

This clock is also in a way a metaphor for compromise in relationships. Compromise does not mean giving up who you are or what you like. And it goes both ways. So, stop teaching girls to adjust, instead teach people to compromise.


8 thoughts on “Much ado about a clock

  1. I used to have a clock and just loved it, I found it meditating also. In our new place we have no clock but I wish we did. I think it is great to have it for time management because I’m always drifting off!

  2. I’ve been through this exact situation – I was fixated on clocks, and when mine retired (it feel down and broke on a windy day. I immediately went looking for a clock but couldn’t find a shop that sold simple, clean designs. Eight years have passed, and I no longer need a wall clock. This post made me revisit the pain I felt during the first few weeks!

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