Bollywood Boycott

Bollywood BoycottBy now,  I am sure everybody knows about the Salman Khan bail saga. I am not going to discuss the issue in detail but the elitist attitude of the movie industry left a bad taste in my mouth. I know they don’t give a shit about the homeless people but I couldn’t believe they way they flocked to Salman’s house as if somebody had died to show their solidarity. 

In India, movie actors go beyond the movie. They are worshiped like stars. They reach these heights because of the money and adulation of the very people who are thought of as scum. The prevalent attitude among Bollywood (whether they express it or not) seems to be that lower classes shouldn’t be in ‘their’ city. 

I do not generally follow movie gossip but this issue was largely unignorable and made me want to do a ‘Bollywood Boycott. I do not see why I should participate in funding these jerks’ lifestyles. I don’t want to pay to watch a single of these guys movies in cinema. I don’t want to spend a cent on them and help them fund their elitist lives. Oh, the industry is so very sexist, I cannot even describe it.

Just as I made the resolve, out came “Tanu weds Manu Returns” and I did watch it in cinema because it has Kangana Ranaut.

I don’t mind supporting people like her but the rest? I don’t think so I am going to be doing that in a long while.


3 thoughts on “Bollywood Boycott

    1. I am aware of it but I do not know what is the truth in this entire case but the number of bollywood stars defending him and visiting him is there for all to see. That I cannot tolerate.

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