Japanese Packaging

I have received several shipments from Japan, be it for the office or hubs from different companies and they are consistently awesome. I love getting shipments from Japan because

  1. Their service is prompt, polite and good. They mostly respond on time and keep you updated about your shipment.
  2. Very neat packaging – The documents are folded neatly. The box is sealed neatly. The packing is close to perfect. Nothing is out of place.
  3. Their paper does not make my hand feel dirty unlike other papers where I always wash my hands after handling because I can feel a later of grime after touching them.
  4. Easy to open.
  5. It’s pretty and nice.

I believe that good is better than perfect and do not see a point spending in spending a lot of time packing perfectly because that’s my life slipping away,  I still love it when these perfect things arrive from Japan, though it will be cut/opened/thrown away. I wonder if they spend a lot of time packing perfectly and if they have panic attacks if something is not arranged or packed well.

If you ever pass through Japanese airport, check out their sweets which are also packed really well. You don’t even have to gift wrap them 🙂


2 thoughts on “Japanese Packaging

  1. The flip side of this though is overpackaging which I think is really bad for the environment. Like a oz of cookies… Each individual cookie will be wrapped it its own packet, then plastic separator in the box, then the box had an outer wrapping and so on. Admittedly it does endure each cookie stays crisp.

    1. Oh yeah. I totally forgot about that because I haven’t had Japanese sweets in a while. I also think that much extra packaging is wasteful and totally unnecessary. Who needs a Tokyo banana to be individually wrapped in plastic and placed on a banana shaped plastic tray which are arranged on another larger plastic tray kept in a cardboard box which is then gift wrapped in paper. That’s ridiculous if you ask me.

      I was thinking more of the delivery/packaging of cells that I checked yesterday where the material used is no more (or just a little more) than what I receive from the USA. Compared to the US shipments, I have to say their packing and arrangement of good inside is impeccable.

      There is a lot of greenwashing going around in Asia but I personally think nobody gives a shit. When you do a breakfast takeaway, you would end up using up 3-4 plastic bags/ styrofoam for 1 meal and it just doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

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