Mother Exchange Program

I saw this video being shared on FB about mother exchange program. 

The ad shows 2 mothers (A & B) whose sons are living in different cities(Chennai & Jodhpur). The mothers talk to each other over the phone and exchange their son’s favourite recipes. The mother in Jodhpur cooks sambar for the other lady’s son who is studying in Jodhpur. The mother in Chennai cooks Ghatte ki sabzi for the lady’s son who is studying in Chennai. I checked who commented the most on the video and it was mostly guys.

The Plus:

1. It is a good idea as in parents exchange.

2. Sentimental and tear jerking (not for me but for many people judging from the comments).

3. It is indeed a nice gesture to have that done to you. Need not be food per se.

The Minus:

1. Why only show sons? Why not one girl in Jodhpur and one boy in Chennai?

2. Why should only mothers cook? When will sons learn to cook for themselves and their parents? Their wives will take over the mothers?

3. Reinforces gender stereotypes and that does not make me feel good.

4. It is disappointing how most ads play upon sentiments of people and just keep on reinforcing gender stereotypes.

6 thoughts on “Mother Exchange Program

  1. We specilise in treating adults as kids, baby them so they’ll never grow up and be forever dependent..

    C’mon figure out something you are 18, an adult.
    I love my kids and will do anything for them, but no way am i learning and cooking and spending all that time, energy and effort so someone eats mommy ka food. and reciprocally my son… WTH. learn from your mommy , feed yourself for life.
    Id probably tell my child, you’ll get mommy ka khana when you come home till then learn, explore appreciate other cuisines…

    1. Unless we assume that they do not have time to cook or access to cooking facilities – this applies to both genders. Most hostels do not provide any cooking facilities.

    1. They are doing undergrad – like IIT Jodhpur or something along those lines. I could not post the video because it is embedded into FB. Got the link on YOutube. Added that in.

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