Interview on Madh Mama

I was away on a holiday in India eating lots of Pav Bhaji and Pani puri which explains my absence 😀 Meanwhile, I am so glad to be featured on one of my favorite bloggers – Madh Mama where I talk about my relationship!

You can check out the interview here.

BIrkenstock for our wedding

P.S: Check her blog www.madh-mama.blogspot.comeven if you are not in an intercultural relationship because she has so many interesting posts about so many different topics!

5 thoughts on “Interview on Madh Mama

  1. Your wedding story was very sweet. Getting married in Birkenstocks … they should have sponsored you! The reaction of the bureaucrat to your question made me giggle. I can so imagine a nonplussed Chinese woman. I don’t think they would ever have got a request for less drama.

    The only thing I thought when reading it is your close family should have been there. But then you said that at the end.

    Me, I still like a bit of fuss, and I would have wanted my first cousins and aunts and uncles there. So much smaller than I did, but definitely not as small as you. It’s great that you insisted on and got what you wanted for most part though.

    1. You would totally get the Chinese reaction part. It is very hard to describe it unless one experiences it for oneself ha ha.

      For my family, there were too many countries + visas + flights involved. For the extended family, I am not so close to a lot of them and you can’t really invite one set and not invite another which would result in a lot of drama too.

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