The Wedding – Part 2

Read part 1 here.

5. Deciding a place and date for the wedding

We chose to get married in Sg because both of us were in Sg and  it required minimal paperwork. It can get complicated for people with different passports and it is no secret that I love fuss-free protocols. We wanted to get married by the end of 2014.

Initially, my mom planned to come for the wedding which is why we planned to have it in December. Then, it seemed like, she could not make it till Jan or Feb and everything was dragging along and we decided to just go ahead. His parents could not travel all the way, so they were not coming.We asked 2 of our friends to be the witness.

To get married in Sg, you have to go online and book a slot about a month or two in advance. There are 2 options –

  • get married in the registry office – 5 minutes ceremony – you get the official they allot
  • get married off venue – 20 minutes ceremony – involved selecting an official from the list of registrars, meeting them, checking their availability on certain dates, getting them to sign a form 2-3 months in advance and it was more expensive.

So, we chose the getting married in office part and proceeded to fill the online form one October afternoon. After filling out everything, we realised there was not a single slot available till  mid January 2015! I could not believe so many people were getting married. I was so upset at the ridiculous situation. Later that evening, I had an urge to check the online system again and I filled out the form and  we got lucky as someone cancelled at the last moment. There was 1 slot free – 1 particular day in Nov and at only 1 time period. We just took it. And it was a Friday, exactly what he wanted. And that’s how we got married on that particular day. No astrologer involved. Just fate or luck 😉

6. Informing people

We informed our families.about the date after we booked it. I told some of my close friends. Other people we ran into? – We would usually tell them we are going to get married or not tell them at all but avoided telling them the exact date because we wanted to limit our guest list he he.

7. Wedding Planning

Once the date was set, I started researching where we should go for dinner or drinks. I spent about 3 nights after work poring over different restaurants to fit within my budget, became stressed and realised I was getting stressed over a restaurant, when this was exactly what I was trying to avoid. I wrote more about it here. Hubs told me I was stressing myself out unnecessarily and it was not really a big deal. We had shortlisted one bar and 2 restaurants and asked our friends what they preferred and everyone chose the Italian one. So, it was done.

Two weeks before the wedding, we decided to check out the restaurants. Hubs really liked the bar (Only I had been there before)and the restaurant and we made a reservation at the restaurant. Next, we checked out the marriage registry office, next to the Fort Canning Park. We mapped out our entire route, which train station to take, how long it takes to walk and if there was shelter in case it rained. After that, we purchased footwear for me and a new shirt for hubs.  I had several new dressed I purchased from my trip to India and I had not worn 2 of them in anticipation of the wedding ha ha. Hubs already had what pants and footwear he wanted to wear and needed only the shirt to complete his outfit. That’s it, our entire wedding planning was done in one Saturday afternoon!

8. Reactions

Many people assumed that our parents were not coming because they were not happy about it or we were getting married secretly, which was not the case.

An acquaintance’s reaction amused me particularly. When she met hubs and he told her about our wedding plans, she said “You may not want a proper wedding but that does not mean she does not want it.” Like,  he was a typical machista and we were having a simple wedding because he insisted on it and I had no say in the matter at all! The idea of a woman wanting a small wedding is inconceivable to people and they imagine me lying in pools of tears because I am not getting a proper wedding.

to be continued…


3 thoughts on “The Wedding – Part 2

  1. “The idea of a woman wanting a small wedding is inconceivable to people and they imagine me lying in pools of tears because I am not getting a proper wedding.”

    This line made me laugh. For some reason I pictured an old Amar Chitra Katha illustration of Kaikeyi lying on the floor distressed and angry 🙂

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