The Wedding – Part 1

I am here with my wedding story as promised. Our wedding was unconventional like us, from start to finish and I am proud of that 🙂

  1. The Girl

Indian. Non-conformist. As many of you know, Indian weddings are anything but small and simple. They are complicated grand affairs. A simple wedding would mean a guest list of 200 people and at least 3 days of wedding ceremonies and weeks of wedding preparations.

I never liked big weddings and I have written about it here. As I had no real life examples of simple weddings, the only ideas I had  were from movies.  I almost always think of Alaipayuthe /Saathiya  with regards to this. Looked like I had to wear a saree, get married in a temple, exchange garlands and have at least 10 people around.

My friend gave me an idea for having a simple wedding without offending anyone by not inviting them. Get married in a big temple like Tirupati and tell people that you had taken a vow to get married there. That did not really appeal to me because Tirupati is so damn crowded and it is not really my home.

  1. The Guy

European. Non-conformist. Doesn’t like big conventional weddings. I seem to have struck gold in the wedding department 🙂

His family has had both big – 100 guests (lol because 100 guests is small according to Indians) and small weddings.  His brother got married without their parents and had only 2 guests. His cousin did not inform anybody, including his family about his marriage until the wedding was over. When I heard him talk about his brother’s wedding, I really loved it and could visualize a wedding like that.

  1. The Couple

We had discussed in length about the kind of wedding we wanted and we both agreed that we did not like big weddings at all. I wanted a wedding exactly the way everyone told me I could never have. We both agreed that we would support each other even if others did not agree with our ideas.

  1. The Family

My parents – He met my parents and asked them if they wanted a small temple ceremony or anything along those lines. My parents were cool with a civil wedding. They initially wanted us to get married in India and we were fine with it as long as all the documentation could be sorted out. It was complicated and involved embassies. We were in India for only a week and we didn’t think we could get everything done in that time frame and dropped the plan.

His parents – They really did not have many expectations about the wedding. They knew they could not really travel to Asia for the wedding. They have never met me in person yet, only over video chat.

to be continued…. Read part 2 here


One thought on “The Wedding – Part 1

  1. Interesting personal story and youtube video.
    I wonder why indian society is so obsessed with marriage ..
    Wish you a happy married life ;))

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