Negative Nelly and Her Indian Sisters

It all started with “Negative Nelly“.  I used that phrase to describe someone and Uncle loved it. That is because it sounds so good. I kindly introduced the phrase “Debbie Downer” as well.

Last Saturday, we were in a restaurant and there were 2 Indian women at a table next to us.  A couple of minutes later, in walks a white guy and joins then. Turns out, he is the boyfriend of one of the Indian girls. I could sense the mood change, the guy shut down and  strong judgey vibes emanating from the other Indian lady. The Indian lady managed to make all of them uncomfortable because they were going against the norms by 

  1. Dating
  2. Out of the community dating
  3. She clearly did not approve

Uncle had this brilliant suggestion that we should have Indian equivalents for Negative Nelly and we came up with – 

Judging Jaya – We all know that judgey-judgey aunty who judges you for everything  from clothes to job to marriage.

Disapproving Devi – Again another aunty who has an issue with your ‘modern clothes’ to ‘boyfriends’.

Gossiping Gita– Self explanatory

Vicious Viji – Could be your nasty MIL ha ha

Hyderabadis have Late Lateef because almost everybody is late and laid back (this is not my invention).

So readers, can you come up with any more these? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Negative Nelly and Her Indian Sisters

      1. U need regional lingo to really have that effect… especially in tamil.. poramai padma :someone who is envious of everything u have, alaparai archana: someone who shows off and tries to prove she is better than u AIR “any name”: all india radio goes blaring rumours n facts around in no time.

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