Links: Japan and sexual harassment

Japan has quite high levels of molestation cases. This goes on to show that a country may be developed and orderly, have high GDP and still women have it worse than men in a lot of aspects because patriarchy has not disappeared. Yes, they have first world facilities but that does not mean that they are viewed equally in the eyes of law or society.

Read more at link

Some excerpts-

“Japanese perverts are special. They are everywhere, giving women cause to worry on crowded trains and flock together in women-only trains during the early morning commutes.

And yet, for some reason, nothing is done.”

“Chikan make Japan no longer safe. They make women fear to wear short skirts, scared to ride in crowded subways, and nervous when placed in a situation when they are viewed as a sexual object.

According to a recent survey, between 50% and 70% of young Japanese women have experienced a Chikan attack on a Japanese train. Several of my friends have reported to being touched once or twice.

It doesn’t stop on trains.”

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