On my wedding

Yes! I got married last week. And on the day of the wedding,  I was so relieved and nervous, I could almost cry. Not because I felt very emotional about the entire thing. It was because it was a dream come true. All my life, people had told me that I can never ever have this kind of a wedding.

A wedding without Sari or a traditional western wedding dress.

A wedding without gold.

A wedding without jewelry.

A wedding without thali/mangalsutra or rings.

A wedding in comfy shoes.

A short wedding.

A wedding without ceremonies.

An out-of-the-box wedding.

A wedding after which things don’t change forever for the girl.

A wedding without dowry.

A wedding without 300 guests.

A wedding without make up.

A wedding without a proper camera. Phone cameras do not count!

A wedding not held in a religious institution.

A wedding where I did not have to wake up very early in the morning.


22 thoughts on “On my wedding

  1. Congratulations Boiling! And also congratulations on making your dream wedding happen:) Now you can look back on this memorable day without regrets. It is strange isn’t it – such a simple thing – to want a wedding a certain way without certain things but to have it, you have to fight so many obstacles, disappoint so many people. You are truly amazing and I’m happy for you:)
    If it’s okay, please share what you went through – did parents on both sides easily agree, did they get upset/ruffled, how did the whole thing pan out? Your husband obviously wanted the same kind of wedding, I’m guessing.

    1. Thank you! I will definitely go into the details in the coming posts.

      Yes, we both want the same kind of wedding. You would not believe how many people assumed that he wanted that kind of a wedding and forced it upon me. People find it so hard to understand that a girl can also want a simple wedding.

      Our process was easier compared to many others due to several reasons. I will explain more in the coming posts.

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