On wedding planning

3 weeks ago, I had a task.  Do a teeny weeny wedding planning  – pick a place for drinks and dinner. I spent hours poring over reviews, photos, articles looking for a “suitable” place. It was an never ending task and I still could not reach a conclusion. I have tendencies to be a perfectionist and this task did bring that aspect out.  

I was tired of looking at the computer screen looking for places. I was tired of reading reviews. A party is supposed to be fun. And here I was, getting stressed out. Till I decided, I had to stop. I had enough choices and I just had to choose. Go check out places and decide.

I am so glad I do not have to plan a big wedding. I get stressed at the very thought of it when I imagine the amount of time, I would be spending doing everything from wedding cards to caterers to saris. Why do we even need to invite 500 people for a wedding, in the first place?


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