Marriage Advice – 2

After my post on “Marriage Advice“, I had another epiphany yesterday. 

I had an argument with U and we were both so angry at each other. I definitely was. 

It made me realize that when 2 people who can get along quite well can have disagreements and get mad at each other, what would happen if there were 5 people in the mix? As it is, it is quite difficult for 2 people to get along amicably all the time. Look at your office, college or school. Do you really get along with every one all the time?

Which is why, it is ridiculous that people expect the wife/Daughter In Law to get along with every single member of the family. To please everyone.

If it were college or work, you can leave the place to go home. If it is at home, where should people go? That too, when few people are in constant contact. That is why married couples especially newlyweds should not live in a joint family. That is adding too many people in the mix, when you barely know your spouse.

If one person is getting along with everyone, then that person is definitely sacrificing who they are and their desires. That is the foundation of patriarchal societies. Women are human beings too. Why do we expect them to give up who they are to maintain some obsolete patriarchal structures?

3 thoughts on “Marriage Advice – 2

  1. Yes, exactly!!! It is completely unreasonable and so much pressure. And why is it the younger bride is expected to get along with everyone, but the elders don’t have it the same way? Why is it that the elders can be inflexible but the young woman cannot?

    1. Why because they can! And they have cultural arguments for that. I remembered, one of my teachers telling me that is the reason women should get married young. The older they get, the harder they find to adjust! WTH.

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