Review: Chaiholics Singapore

Last weekend when we were walking near Raffles MRT to get to Krispy Kreme, I was delighted to find a chai shop, though closed. It looked to nice on the outside and  went over the moon to see that served only chai and snacks. I am rarely in this locality as it is a office locality and most places are closed on weekends. I vowed to check them out sometime.

Their website looked great but has up to date. That very night, I found a groupon for Chaiholics and bought it immediately – 7.90 for 2 chais.

So, did chaiholics live up to my expectations? I can be a chai snob 🙂

Website – I hate it when websites or Facebook pages do not update their info. Chaiholics, Singapore did not.

Currently, they have only 2 branches but their website lists 4 branches. 2 have closed down. I wanted to go there this Wednesday (22nd Oct) and they did not update their FB on THAT day and it was listed as open. I had my doubts and called them. No one picked up the phone at both the branches. Of course, it is in an office only locality. They would not be open. Why not update that or state Sun and PH = closed.

Also, what kind a chai place does not even bother wishing people a Happy Diwali?!

Price – Too pricey. 7.00 SGD for 1 chai? I might try it once but not regularly. Come on, even Starbucks can work out to be cheaper. I get my chai for 80 cents nears my office. Better yet, I can make it with organic milk at home.

Opening hours – Office hours. Clearly not meant for people who work or live anywhere except the downtown area.

Reviews – I could barely find any blog that reviewed this place, even though this place has been open for over a year. Very strange. Most tripadvisor and facebook reviews were 4 starts and I do not believe them.

Only review I found was – 

Which is why I am bothering to write a long review. My expectations we already low for the place. I rarely set low expectations for chai.

Crowds – We went on 23 Oct, Thursday around 6.20 PM to the Chevron House branch. There was a Costa coffee next to Chaiholics and it was full. There was no one there except us. Later on 1 girl walked in.

Food – They had those wrapped up starbucks kinda snacks and I did not buy anything.

Decor – Looks nice.

The chai –  I ordered Classic masala chai and Indian Railway Chai. The portion was a little less than the smallest cup size at Starbucks for a reference point (my perception).

They did not add sugar. So, I thought I could try both with and without sugar.

The chai was terrible. I could not take more than a sip of each tea. I forced myself to take one more sip for the sake of this review. It was watery, dark, the spices were all on top.  it was not brewed the way we brew chai. It was horri horrible. I think they should do everyone a favour and shut down the remaining 2 branches as well. If a chai place cannot serve proper chai, what is the point?

As U put it: – “If your Indian Mother in law is in town and you do not want her to ever bother you again, take her here. She will never talk to you for the rest of her life.”

Rating: 0.5/5

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