Cold Pressed Juices

Cold pressed juicing seems to be all the rage now. Clearly the trend started in the USA and now it is the in thing in Singapore as well. Now, even Bangalore has one. 1 year ago, I had not heard of a cold pressed juice shop or juice cleanses and now  they are all over the place. There are at least 15-20 cold pressed juice bars and cleansing programs now in Sg.

I was initially drawn to them when I saw that a lot of these juices were organic. I did not really analyse the cold pressed part. These 3/5 day cleanses can be quite expensive – 330 SGD for a 3 day cleanse which includes 18 bottles of 500ml cold pressed organic/non organic juice. That works out to roughly 18 SGD/juice which is really expensive. I can get a non organic fresh juice in the food court for 4 SGD tops.

Why are they so expensive? 

What they say [people who sell these juices]

  • Cold pressed juice extracts the maximum nutrients, live enzymes and every drop possible compared to centrifugal juices which heat up and destroy the live enzymes.
  • Cold pressed juices are not oxidized which means they can last longer (aka 3 days) without preservatives. Many of these juice bars or cleanses supply you juices that are not freshly squeezed as a result of this oxidation theory. 
  • Cold pressed juice tastes better.
  • A lot more produce goes into it compared to other juicers.

What I say 

  • They are expensive because the cold press juicing machines are bloody expensive
  • It is in fashion. Charge for the trend and because it is fashionable
  • Okay, I am willing to pay more for organic vegetables or fruits but many of these companies do not sell organic juice or they conveniently claim they use organic as much as possible. 

These juices are so expensive but there is no substantial data on why cold pressed juices are better. Even the machine manufacturers do not provide data. I mean, how difficult is it to do a side by side comparison when you claim your juicers are so very better than other centrifugal juicers.

Experimental design

  1. Take equal number of vegetables/fruits.
  2. Juice them side by side.
  3. Measure certain parameters – quantity of produce used, amount of juice produced, stability of components, maybe major vitamins and minerals, oxidation of the juice.
  4. Get the data and make it into nice graphs.

My opinion on the entire cold pressed juices

– Cold pressed juicers are not a novel concept. Norwalk has been around for a long time and lysis or extraction via pressure is not a novel concept either. I have lysed bacterial culture using the same principle – French press which does the same. Not heating protects your proteins and enzymes for further purification. Stop talking like it is the newest kid in town.

– Will I pay more for organic? Hell yes. Cold pressed? Nah, I am not convinced remotely. Every one of these cold pressed juice people has the same hokey explanation. Using 3 science words does not make you more correct.

Absolute lack of data and unwillingness of juice machine makers to provide data and juice sellers tells a lot.

 – I am not sold on the live enzymes theory as well. Even if the enzymes are live, would they not be broken down in the stomach acid? How many enzymes can survive stomach pH? It is hardly likely that enzymes or other proteins will be absorbed without being broken down. 

– Oxidation is a moot point for me. I drink my juices when they are freshly squeezed in 5 minutes. Why should I pay more for 3 day old juice? People are not cold pressing fresh juice every time you order. They usually take it from the fridge and they probably do it once in 3-4 days. Technically, we can never know if a cold pressed juice store sold you a 4 day old juice because they did not sell them all out.

– Also, almost all the juice cleanse programs give you 5 juices + 1 nut milk for 1 day though they say it is 6 juices/day. I have made nut milk at home and I can tell you it cannot cost you that much. How much does it cost to grind a handful of nut, organic or not, in water? 

I believe fresh juices are healthy when consumed in moderation. I do like organic and prefer holistic health. However, cold pressed juice sounds more like a fad and more on the mumbo jumbo side. Yes, healthy people have their fads and they can go extreme too, often with no logic whatsoever. One day agave is in and one day it is pure EVIL.One day fat is bad, another day sugar is bad and the root cause of every single disease on earth.

Have you tried cold pressed juices before? What are your opinions?

5 thoughts on “Cold Pressed Juices

  1. cold pressed juices make great difference i understand the fancy price tag on em!!!! it is not a fare deal but cold pressing is more about juicing veg’s not fruits the reson why they are expensive is because they use more produce let us say 1 kg carrots = 1(250 ml) glass of juice that make scenes.i don’t think we can do it in an ordinary blender in an easy way . Dr Gerson highly recommends to take cold pressed juice as on of the steps to cure cancer.

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