On writing block

Lately, I had blogging writing block. I had so many ideas for posts in my head but I just couldn’t write on my blog. I wondered when I would feel like blogging again. On one hand,  I felt like I SHOULD be writing blog posts. On the other hand, I should not put pressure on myself to write as that would lead to more resistance.

I was also having a passion crisis. What was I interested in? What drives me? I was afraid I was becoming one of those ‘no interest in anything, no zest for life’ people. I was scared that the state of being emotionless/ dispassionate, was seeping into my skin from the people around me. Many east asians here are very uncomfortable with positive expression of passion or excitement. They tell you to calm down even if you are happy excited. Everybody has to be straight faced emotionless all the time!

Like Agent May. She always has this expression no matter what! P.S – She appears in TV series Agents of SHIELD

And Bam! I got so riled up this week (see here) and wrote many blog posts like I was on fire!


Yay! I am relieved and thank people who riled me up. There is a silver lining to every cloud after all. 


5 thoughts on “On writing block

  1. u know i had this lab mate here ask me once day “you are always smiling?” even when you come over to say the microscopes not working. And he seemed even more perplexed by my reply which was” my crying over it is not going change the situation does it?”. Just because some of us do not show our negative emotions to whole wide world doesnt mean we dont feel anything and being happy is not so bad is it?

    1. At least you show a positive emotion. Many people never show any!!

      Also, I feel, emotions are meant to be felt. Good or bad. Everything is to tell you something. Feel it, wallow in it and move on. Life is not always positive. So, I don’t think it is an issue sharing your problems once in a while because everyone has problems and there is not a need to pretend life is perfect all the time. At the same time, nobody likes to hang around negative nellies including me.

      1. So agree and you cant always show negative emotions to everybody i feel. Even at a work place you will have a few with whom you share and to a few you say day goes on. You cant go throwing a temper tantrum at everyone…Iam sure you will scare away some people :P. I feel wallowing when I have work to do makes the day worse. One step at a time… I can wallow later for the moment thing at hand is better. My tantrums are reserved to hubby, mum/mil 😛 they are the CHOSEN ones hehee

        1. Why should we throw tantrum with people who are the kindest to us and support us the most but put up a nice facade to jerks?

          I have learnt not to transfer anger. If I am angry with someone, wait to cool down and bring it up respectfully if it really bothers me. But I do not want to throw a tantrum with someone who did not make me angry.

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