The book that changed my life in 2014

I read a decent number of books and have always loved reading. Maybe I do not read as much as I did before, but I still do read a fair bit. I go through phases  in the kind of books I like reading and how much I read.

The book that had a huge impact on me this year was: My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method by Jim Lahey.

Another bread making book I tried using the no knead method was Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking by Zoe Francois  and Jeff Hertzberg.

Note – Both these books are available in the public library  in Sg.

I clearly prefer Jim’s book because:

1. It is has nice colour photographs – I personally think cookbooks without photos next to the recipe are lame.

2. Jim’s was the original guy with this idea and the story he wrote about how he got into bread making makes you enthusiastic. He went to Italy and learnt how they made their bread.  He clearly sounds more passionate. I read parts of his story to U and U insisted that if we ever went to NY, we MUST go to his bakery because here is a man who loves and understands bread.

3. His recipes use very little yeast. You save more money long term and it is good for people with any fungal infections (aka me).

4. Zoe’s book asks for kitchen equipment I do not have and I do not want to buy so many things considering I am renting.

Otherwise there is not much difference in the basic recipes of both these books. I think I am going to buy Jim’s book – which is very atypical of me! I rarely buy books.

From Jim Lahey’s book I have tried:

  • The basic bread recipe – Excellent. I used this dough to make buns as well.
  • Whole wheat bread recipe – Excellent 
  • Pizza dough – Excellent 
Note – All the bread reviews are by me and U. U is a bread enthusiast and loves bread. So, I just go by U’s reviews.

Here is a picture of pizza I made last weekend:

Pizza ready for baking
Pizza ready for baking
Hot pizza from the oven.
Hot pizza from the oven. Sorry about the dark photo. We were too hungry to wait.

Have you ever tried the no knead method for making bread?


2 thoughts on “The book that changed my life in 2014

    1. I believe it is available on Amazon India. Do try getting them from some library or kindle to see if you like it.

      I like no knead methods because the bread recipes are not complicated and involves 5 minutes of mixing ingredients and then put in oven and bake!

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