India Trip 2014 – 1

I have been trying to get my blogging mojo back.  I have so much to say but words just don’t come out when I am typing them out.

One thing I wanted to blog about was my latest India trip. This trip to India gave me new perspective as I traveled with a foreigner [F] and it always interesting to view India from a fresh perspective. Also, it made me understand who/how I am in certain aspects.

For starters, let’s look at the Hyderabad airport:

Arrival – It is decent and clean. They have toilet paper.  Useless paper work. Many people give instructions to a foreigner when they see one, more of a “I know better” way than in a “let me help you” way. But it is not that annoying. They make you fill up some customs form but they never asked for it. So, it was pointless.

Departure They really need to work on efficient checks when passengers enter the airport. I do not know why they insist on these hand luggage tags which need to be stamped by security. Again, needless paper work. The international departure section was undergoing renovation and there were not many shops. I was really disappointed with the food selection.  There wasn’t a proper chai there and that, in my opinion, is unforgivable. I mean, even Sg airport has Anand Bhavan with proper chai and better Indian food choice. Western style café had coffees. Dosa place had dosas and coffee only. BTW, the dosa was dry and one of the worst I have eaten lately as far as my memory serves me. Some random food court seemed to have not so nice biryani and tea bags. The only decent thing was Karachi bakery and we bought a kilo of fruit biscuits. There are some handicraft shops and Lifestyle branch. Basically the airport was becoming a soulless airport – the ones that look like any other airport in the world. That is nice because I do not want crappy airports though I still feel they should retain some Hyderabadi touch.

Many people rarely queue and think they can just barge in when people are standing. A guy did that to me and got promptly told off by me ie in a nice way – Mr. I am in the queue 🙂

Overall, the airport is good in that it is trying to maintain global standards but a bit insipid.


3 thoughts on “India Trip 2014 – 1

  1. I must say that the new Hyderabad airport is pretty impressive. I didn’t have time to browse the shops and eateries though, so that’s disappointing to know that these are substandard!

  2. Yes! The Karachi bakery in the Hyd airport is my fave! Crappy dosas, I agree. While it is super clean, I also found the staff to be inefficient and def a lack of nice shops. I liked the bookstore though!

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