Hola señorita

S always tells me I can pass off as a latina  but I never believed that because I feel I look like an Indian.

This happened in a mall in San Diego.

Note – There are many Mexicans in San Diego due to the proximity to the border.

When I walked in to shops, the shop assistants would say ‘Hello, welcome!’to the Caucasians + others but say ‘Hola!’ to me.

One shop assistant spoke to me in Spanish and gave me perfume to smell.

In another shop, I was walking towards a door which was locked. The security guy told something in Spanish & I assumed he was not talking to me. Then, he told me in English that this door was locked. As I passed by I overheard him telling his colleague ‘looks Mexican but understands English only. Maybe she is American.’

Maybe, I look like a latina after all.


8 thoughts on “Hola señorita

  1. Are you still in San Diego!?! My husband also gets mistaken for a Latino; someone actually was irritated that he didn’t know Spanish!! 😀

  2. Hahahaha! This happened to my hubby too…we were walking in Seattle and some random guy said “Hola, blah blah blah” and we were like uhhhhh…..He was kind of shocked because that was the first time it happened, we had a good laugh about it after.
    You totally do look Latina!

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