Toilet Tales

I try to avoid using western toilets when I am at somebody’s place, especially if guys live there. Conversely, I do not like the idea of guys requesting to use my toilet. Luckily, this happens pretty rarely. This is because there is almost always urine on or under the toilet seat after guys pee & I find it gross.

When I was in India, the houses I lived in had eastern-style toilets & I remained blissfully unaware of issues associated with western toilets & men. ‘Not leaving the toilet seat down’ seems to be one of the most annoying habits men have according to scores of articles & women out there but this was something I could not identify with. I remembered a conversation about this with K. She was glad that she had her own bathroom & did not have to share it with her husband. Her husband’s bathroom would smell of urine & there would almost always be piss outside the bowl. M had the same pissed toilet complaint but her house had only one bathroom, so she had no choice but to share it with her husband.

Even after using western toilets, I did not have much to contribute to the ‘toilet seat up or down’ debate because I don’t have to share toilets with guys ha ha.

The other day, some guy had used the ladies toilet in our office & I was so pissed when I saw large drops of urine on the toilet bowl. I had to wash it all argh! Some guys do not even bother lifting the toilet seat when peeing. Zed would complain about how his housemates left the toilet pissed & dirty. Piss everywhere. On the seat. Under the seat. On the floor. Tell them once. Dirty toilet the next day. So frickin’ annoying.   What I could not fathom was how the same guys could poo by putting their ass on the same dirty toilet seat.  To have to share a toilet with people like that grosses me out. What do these guys do when they get married? How did their moms cope with it? 

Did I jump into “It is so annoying when men don’t leave the toilet seat down after peeing” camp after all this? 


I am not going to complain on how annoying it is when men do not leave the seat down. I don’t want to see or smell anybody’s urine on or under the seat or the floor. I don’t want a dirty toilet. 

What is the solution to this pissed toilet predicament? 

All these problems crop up because most men stand and pee. Sit and pee like women do. Simple as that! 

Note – I give credit to Zed who told me about this. He sits & pees. Many guys do that which is great because they leave the toilet clean. 

This would mean that – 

  1. there wouldn’t be any more arguments about leaving the toilet seat up or down.
  2. your toilet will not smell of piss
  3. there wouldn’t be urine on or under or around your seat
  4. you will not be grossed out when you clean the toilet
  5. toilets will be cleaner and more hygienic.
  6. you don’t have to be worried about sharing the toilet with a guy or be apprehensive after some guy uses your toilet
  7. your son’s future housemates/girlfriends/wife will love you because they don’t have to live with dirty toilets.

What about you guys? Have you ever experienced pissed toilets? How do you deal with it?

3 thoughts on “Toilet Tales

  1. Never had to share a toilet with guy(s). Its best to opt for eastern toilet when travelling.
    But my my… Have come across some girls in hostels who used to leave the toilet filthy. Forgetting the sanitary napkin, forgetting to flush, leaving dirty clothes in the bathroom rail. Uff! Makes me feel murderous!

    1. I don’t like having to share or live with dirty toilets. If I can afford it, I will never share a toilet.

      I would say eastern toilets may be better but they are no less smelly because it is quite difficult to pee it all inside the bowl and many people will not wash the outside.

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! I have this problem too…I don’t know how many times I clean the toilets every day with bleach…I have at least two air fresheners in the bathrooms at all times…Toilet seat up or down – not an issue for me…

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