Life Lessons # 3 – On procrastination

 I sometimes often procrastinate – calling people / replying to emails/ getting some things sorted out. It is easy to add things to your to-do list and conveniently let it stay there for ages. As times passes by, I feel worse because I have not done it. Doing it later makes me feel bad for getting to it after very long – like do you want to reply to someone’s email after a month? Then, to avoid that uncomfortable feeling, I will continue procrastinating & let it slip by. Sadly, I cannot forget the task and it keeps gnawing at me for a long time. That doesn’t feel good.

This is how I feel at times.

Here is a strategy which I feel would be useful for me. Note -I do not follow it all the time, which is why I end up feeling bad about procrastinating. I hope writing it down imprints it in my head and reminds me to follow this strategy.   1. Try not to postpone. If something can be done easily and takes only 5 minutes of your time,  just do it.

2. Why are you procrastinating? Is it an indication of something you don’t want to do? Examine deeper issues, if needed. Are you afraid of something?  For example, do you always end up postponing meetings with a certain friend? Why? Do you have issues in your friendship? Do you want to continue the friendship? Have you and your values changed?  Or you like, oops I did not meet her for 3 months, it would look bad, if I try meeting her now, so let’s just let it slip by. It is okay to change what you want to do anyways.

3. Schedule it. If it has to be done or you want to get it done, schedule it and get it done by a certain date and time. Things with no deadlines stay for a very long time on my to-do list.

4. Just get down to doing it. Once you start, it ain’t that bad, mostly. It is liberating for me to get things off my lists.

5. At the same time there are always things to do and places to see. So, do not be too hard on yourself  and wear yourself out doing every single thing on your to-do list. If you change your mind about not doing it, that is okay too.

5 thoughts on “Life Lessons # 3 – On procrastination

  1. I definitely try to do certain things as soon as possible! I have all these reminder emails set up, for instance, for bills.
    You are right that sometimes we procrastinate to simply avoid a situation!

  2. I hear you. I’ve tried implementing most things you’ve mentioned, yet, I keep failing. I only follow them for a while and then i go back to meaningless procrastination. Sigh.

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