Review: Texas Scents Houston Soap

K picked up this soap for me at a market because I like natural soaps.

Texas Scents Houston Soap


Price – Not known, assumed to be around 3-7 USD

Product Website – I cannot find it.


Texas Scents Houston Soap Ingredients

Size – Fits in my palm.

Texas Scents Houston Soap Size 2


Scent – So-so. Not that great.

Feel – So-so. Was okay. Not terrible, not luxurious and creamy either.

Overall 2.5/5

Texas Scents Houston Soap

Nothing memorable. Glad there are more hand made and local + natural stuff  though.



8 thoughts on “Review: Texas Scents Houston Soap

  1. Very disappointed to find out these are actually made out of California!! WHOA thought we were supporting a Texas company. Super misleading!

  2. Sorry… the “Hill Country Garden” scent is spearmint with peppermint leaf. Smells great and doesn’t dry my skin out. The only down to it is that it desn’t produce much lather.

  3. Texas Scents soaps are now available at HEB for $2 bar. At 1/3 the price, 2/3 the luxury, and 3/4 as drying as Zum bars, I consider these a great value! Yes, the scents are mediocre, and only the 512 appealed to me at all, but overall still a great value.

    (I found your review while trying to find a website for Texas Scents to see if they sell other scents online. I can’t find a site for them, either.)

    1. I think they are okay. You have to take into account the size of the soap. I do n’t think Zum bars are more drying. The one I used was smaller than most regular soaps. I did not like this particular scent. Maybe other scents form this brand would fare better.

    1. Not their soaps. I have tried them (in shops or from other people) but I am not interested in spending my money on them now because:
      -They do not put their ingredients list on the product & I dislike that.
      -Many companies claim “natural” but will have mainly chemicals with little “natural” ingredients. Body shop definitely has many chemicals.
      -Now they are owned by L’oreal & it has become like this fast expanding chain here. They clarified on their web page that they do not test on animals any longer but it is slightly ambiguous.

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