On Regrets

Do you regret a lot? I used to and in the last couple of years I stopped having regrets. The feeling eats you up inside and does not do very much to make your life better. And, you cannot change the past  but what is the point  of wasting your present and future regretting? So, now, if anybody were to ask me about my regrets, I cannot really think of anything except for 1 thing – a chameleon!

This was in 2011. I was back in India for a holiday. I was visiting my old undergrad college and I saw this gorgeous chameleon in the middle of the road. I have seen plenty of lizards and things that look like larger lizards, whatever they are but I have to admit. Chameleons are really rare, if you ask me. The chameleon looked like it had fallen from the tree above because it was green.

Chameleons are pretty slow walkers and I wanted to shift the fallen reptile onto the side of the road because there would be vehicles passing. I am scared of  uncomfortable with  touching reptiles & I looked around to look for a relatively long branch of wood or anything with which I could push the chameleon. I couldn’t find anything. So, I thought I would look for someone who would help me shift the chameleon & prayed that nobody would kill the chameleon.

The chameleon was here

Unfortunately, some vehicle had run over the chameleon by the time I came back 😦 I felt so sad and wished I had had more courage to move the chameleon.

Life Lesson – I learnt that sometimes we have to do what feels right even if it scares us, even if it a reptile.

One thought on “On Regrets

  1. I can relate to this – have been in similar situations and do have regrets. 😦 Should have done something but didn’t/couldn’t – the regret will stay with me forever.

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