Another reader

I used to use Google reader until they shut it down 😦 I spoke about how I switched to Blogloving here. Though I liked Bloglovin, one of my favourite features in Google Reader was missing and most readers did not have it – Search.

Want to cook something with Paneer? – Search and find recipes from the blogs I follow because I prefer that to searching on the internet.

I am feeling a certain way &  I want to read up regarding that? – Search again in the blogs I follow.

Found a new blog? – Go through all the feeds from the beginning in the reader by title and choose what I like.

I have a certain question? – Search in blogs again.

That is why I tried out Inoreader and Old Reader for a month. I stopped using the Old Reader because there is a feed limit and somehow uploading my XSML file with all the feeds  I follow did not work. In the beginning I did not like the look of InoReader and felt bloglovin was better. But for the past 2 weeks, I did not even open my Bloglovin account and so, I deleted it.

One good thing that came out of this is – I got into the habit of  visiting  people’s sites and see how they have worked at designing their blogs rather than read everything in Reader – like I did with Google.

Also, instead of starring recipes/articles I liked,  I have started saving them in Evernote, just in case, something happens to this reader as well. Evernote allows searching and that is good because I can look up recipes easily that way.


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