Review: Aromas Solid Perfume

I had been wanting to try solid perfumes for quite some time but I could not really find something I liked that was natural as well as not too expensive  & smelled nice.  I noticed that natural perfumes were pretty expensive! Thus, when Aromas was launched, I though of checking it out because the ingredients were simple enough. To be honest, I was not sure how the product would fare. It looked too simple to work well unlike the usual perfumes/body sprays I am used to with a long ingredient list.

I bought it when it was first launched and had introductory offers. The shipping was not too expensive because it comes from Australia and it is very light.  They sent me 3-4 sachets of other scents but they kind of melted because it was hot & all of them smelled the same. So, I do not know  how the other scents are like.

I purchased this – Parisian scent

Ingredients – a natural base of coconut oil and beeswax, plus fragrance 

I emailed the people at Aromas and here is what they have to say about fragrance –

“All the fragrances are sourced from various fragrance suppliers of US origins.  These are not essential oils, but fragrance oils, and the normal INCI ingredients labeling guidelines specify to list as “fragrance” in product. Fragrance oils may contain both natural and synthetic notes.”

I carried this with me when I was travelling and I was quite glad I had it. It is light, no liquids, easy to use & smells good. The scent does last but I used it mainly in the winter in US. I carry it in my bag and use it in the evenings when I want and it seems to be working well. I like the fact that I do not have to use my hand to apply it unlike many other solid perfumes. 

I still have 3 bottles of perfumes/ body mists to finish which I am currently using  before I will be looking at switching full time to anything else.

What do you use when travelling? At home? Have you tried solid perfumes?


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