Exploring Sg – Serangoon

Dated 1 March 2014

One of my favourite weekend pass times is hanging out at Indie cafes. I have my favourites but I want to explore new cafes for hanging out. A good cafe for me needs to have- 

  1. nice ambience – Bright, not crowded or cramped
  2. Free wifi
  3. Nice coffee and cakes
  4. Relatively quiet

I decided to try some new cafe. After many decisions & poring over a lot of blog reviews, I and U ended up going to The Coffee Daily in Serangoon. 

For starters, it was not really near the MRT. So, we had to take a bus after going all the way to Serangoon MRT.  So far off….

Anyways, the cafe was located in one of the old shophouse/ independent bungalow kind of buildings. There was only 1  long table outside which was occupied. I felt claustrophobic when inside. They cramped every possible space with a table and chair (-30). People had to carefully move from their tables or they would end up bumping into somebody’s table. We were deciding to stay or go, when they cleared a table and offered us a table. So we kind of decided to stay for a quick coffee. One thing I cannot understand is every time I read bloggers’ reviews of cafes, the photos make the cafes seem large , empty & spacious. When I visit them, they are cramped to the core. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Does a cramped cafe not bother many people?

Luckily, as were waiting, a couple of people left and I quickly grabbed the corner sofa seat. Better but I have to say again that the cafe was so very cramped.  We ordered coffee and it was served after 10-15 minutes (-10). I had a read a blog post & even the cafe seemed to stress on their cakes – rainbow cake.  The cake was dry and looked like it had been kept in the fridge too long.  Not a nice eat (-10).

This place looked like a local hangout and many people looked at us and we definitely were the odd birds there.  So weird but does not matter too much to me (-3).

The locality where the cafe is situated is quite nice. Many independent houses and did not seem too crowded, at least in the housing area. A different world altogether.

Not a cafe I would be visiting again and the hunt for a good cafe continues…….


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