When nothing else matters

Every time I get my period, I am tired. I am cranky if I have to interact with people or do a lot of work. I don’t want to talk much. I want to rest,  I want to lay down in my bed and do nothing. My brain wants to function minimally.  But there is another side to it.  

I love how my periods bring perspective in life.  It feels like a meditation of sorts. When I have them, all the small little nagging things in mind go away. None of those tiny little things which were annoying me and I was needlessly obsessing over, matter. 

That bitchy colleague? – Who cares. I want my rest.

That nasty person at the bus stop the other day? – Who cares. 

That annoying ‘friend’ on facebook who went on a holiday? – Who the hell gives a damn when I am crampy?

That rude person who never replied to my SMS? – Well, I don’t give a damn, if they don’t.

I do not exactly remember the exact phrase but Christiane Northrup said some thing like this – “the issues which keep cropping up every time around your periods are ones you have not fixed in your life. It could go worse when you hit menopause and hit you even worse.”  While I am no menopause expert, I definitely agree  with her because only things that really bother me on a deeper level are what come up to me during this time. Things I have been avoiding. Not really dealing with. 

Do you notice changes in your body and moods?  How do you feel during periods?


10 thoughts on “When nothing else matters

    1. True. Do you experience any cyclical repetitive feelings?
      Men usually have hormonal cycles daily instead of monthly like women. Animals usually have cycles along with natural cycles but we are often not tuned in to it.

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