I like cleaning

– I like cleaning.

– I like doing laundry. 

– I like being a domestic goddess.

– I am almost always wearing dresses or skirts.

– I don’t refuse when people offer to carry my bags.

– I do not have too much of an issues being a stay-at-home-mom.

– I don’t have much issues moving to another place (depends on the place) for my partner’s career. 

– I am a homebody.

And I am a Feminist.  And fiercely independent.  And stubborn. Feminism does not have to be defined by rejecting every thing traditionally considered feminine. It means treating women as people. With their likes and dislikes. With their fallacies.  And respecting them as an individual for who they are.  Understanding that they are not perfect, just like everybody else.


5 thoughts on “I like cleaning

  1. God, I could have written this. And I think I have written something similar, but nearly not as pithy and direct and to the point. I have rambled on an on about the stuff you have said so succinctly.

    1. I would not take it as chivalry Bhagwad. I am not offended if they never offer to carry. I am not going to be obsessing over “how they never offered to carry”.

      The truth is I don’t like carrying stuff, sometimes I am so annoyed & tired carrying my own handbag for an entire day. I get headaches sometimes carrying bags on my shoulders for hours. So, the moment someone offers to help, I gladly give it off to them. Even, if it is a woman. I don’t really see it as a gender thing. That’s just me.

      If I am honest, more men offer to carry, I admit. But I don’t say no and I am pretty open about it. If someone old offered, I would refuse irrespective of their gender.

      I offer to help in other ways I like – grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry.

      I read your article and I agree with you. I am equivalent and don’t expect only men to pay for me. I split mostly and allow them to treat me depending on occasion. But then, I am also treating them.

      Good manners like holding door open for others immediately behind you – these are something I do and expect others to do for me as well irrespective of gender.

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