Organic vegetables delivery in Singapore

I have always wanted to buy organic fruits & vegetables and when, I read blogs in US & Australia and the organic food they buy, I am so very tempted. When I went to US, I always spend a lot of time admiring the organic sections in supermarkets.  I wish I could buy produce like that here at those rates. Everything organic is so expensive and targeted  primarily  at western expats. iHerb solves a lot of my organic cosmetics & dry food problems but organic fresh produce is a distant dream. Recently, there have been several organic fresh produce deliveries cropping up in Singapore and I have tried 2 of them. Here is what I think –

1.  Best Organic

I ordered online and I receive no response at all via email for over a week. I tried calling them and no one answered the phone. I was so angry. Luckily, as I paid via paypal, I opened a dispute.  Then, they called me and talk to me in Mandarin. They had called me 2 times earlier and every time I put down the phone assuming it was a wrong number.  Why the hell can’t they first speak in English to check? As I had opened a paypal dispute,  they delivered on the same day.  The vegetables were fresh but  I was not sure if they were organic. No more communication from them whatsoever.

I will never order from them again.

2.  Sg Organic

I placed an order with them last week. Slightly better and I received an acknowledgement. I had specifically asked for an early delivery (between 10-11.30 AM) because their delivery time is 10-1 PM Saturday.  I woke up early.  I wait. I wait. It is 1 PM and there is no delivery yet. I am hungry and I want to go out and I am waiting for a stupid delivery. I had to call them 3 times.  The lady did not know what was up with her delivery. They delivered later and the delivery guy was clueless that I had asked for an early delivery. All they did was keep a blank face and mutter “I understand” which is bullshit because clearly they don’t.  I hate it when people bullshit me. Don’t give me stuff you pick up from management books without even understanding the principles. I understand there can be delays, but when someone has requested specifically, isn’t it basic customer service to immediately inform if there are any delays? Terrible communication is what plagues many businesses here & why am I even surprised? I see it so often in my  own office. 

I got a fruit & veg box and they told me it would be 3-5 kg but when it was delivered to me. I was pretty disappointed with how much I got for the money I paid. The only thing worth it was kale which is pretty hard to get in Singapore. 

Their website says “We have a strong company focus on being green and recycling” which I felt was plain green washing. Many people & companies here pretend to be eco friendly but they are not.  Yes, the bill may have been printed on brown paper but inside was a large plastic bag. Many veg were put in plastic trays or plastic bags separately like in supermarket. 

To their credit,  they followed up on Monday and apologized and offered me a $10 voucher.  So that is definitely an improvement from Sg Organic.

I showed U how much I got for the money I paid and he laughed.  It is not worth the hassle and the money. 


I think I am better off buying organic fruits and veggies from the local supermarket – Fairprice/ Cold storage  (Cold storage is more expensive) where I can see how much I am getting  for the money I pay and they sometimes have offers on the organic stuff. I cannot get every single organic veg there but is a decent amount and it seems better value for money.

Not like I cannot use non organic veggies.  My goal is to increase the organic stuff I use but that does not mean I am going to be anal about it. So I will get what I can afford  and what is available & meanwhile, dream of local organic markets in USA.

One thought on “Organic vegetables delivery in Singapore

  1. Thanks for the reviews. These are the 2 websites I have been considering.

    So I see SG Organic also has the same problem as Quanfa. Long delivery waiting time, bad delivery. (SG Organic also has a rigid payment method.).

    While browsing the Best Organic website, I did have a suspicion that it’s a east asian-based management with those prices & photos (rather than the professional English-based type). And just maybe the products may not be organic.

    There is no way of knowing whether these online shops are really selling organic food since there is no proof. Also, unable to choose. And unable to know exactly how much of the product we are getting for that price. It doesn’t help that prices & sizes fluctuate depending on how they want to adjust it.

    It can be a disappointment because what is expected from the website photos is not the same as the amount & quality of the products that are delivered to us.

    I have also come to the conclusion (after experiencing bad Quanfa), that it’s better to buy from supermarkets. The variety is less but at least I can see what I am getting and paying for, though unfortunately, Zenxin is lousy (but I make do with it).

    Organic products are certainly not cheap at all. Same as you, for certain items, I make do with non-organic.

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