16 things I have in my bag

When you go out, do you carry a hand bag or only a wallet? I almost always carry a bag unless I am going for a short period of time & near my house like say grocery shopping. I need a bag because I carry quite a lot of stuff. Guys who often wonder what is inside a woman’s handbag are in for luck  too ha ha.

Things I have in my bag

  1. Phone + ipad sometimes
  2. EZ link – to use on public transport
  3. Pocket mirror – I know it is old-fashioned  but good to have when you need to check something.
  4. Purse – with money  & cards. I do not like going anywhere without my money. I will tell you a story about why later.
  5. Tissues / Wet Tissue – Oily mouth? Anything dirty? Wet hands? These things are good to have around. Always.  
  6. A small comb – I often need it.
  7. Lip balm
  8. Moisturiser – I need to apply it every time I wash my hands lol
  9. Band aid – When your shoes hurt, you will be grateful you have it.
  10. Axe oil – Cold? Headache? Sleepy? Smelly environment. I have a solution – apply on your temples and nose and problem solved.
  11. House Keys
  12. Pen –  I like to write with pen & paper. Of course I can type on my phone but still I like my pens.
  13. Solid perfume – Nice to have around.
  14. Earphones
  15. Water bottle – Occasionally. Only when I know I will need it. 
  16. Handbag holder – Good to have around when you do not want to put your handbag on the floor and there are no empty chairs to put your bag on.

To be honest, I do not like carrying heavy bags on my shoulders and try to minimize what I need depending on where I am going. So, I do not usually carry an umbrella or a water bottle unless I need it.

You can read what I have at my work desk here.


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