Snippets of my life #4

Edited on May 30, 2014
I was very busy last 2 weeks shifting houses and lots of work. So, a small anecdote for now.

I was emailing a business partner. The partner misspelled my name 3 times in email, when addressing me, though my name is obvious from the email signature. I was curious about this new person and looked up Linkedin. When I saw the profile, I laughed at the irony of it – The first line in the profile says: “detail oriented “

Ha, then why are you misspelling my name every single time? Sometimes, people bullshit on their online profiles!

Miraculously, after I published this post,  they started spelling my name correctly. Maybe, she follows my blog and doesn’t know it is me ha ha 



5 thoughts on “Snippets of my life #4

  1. I hate it when people make up their own spellings and that too when the right spelling is right in front of their eyes. This happens a lot with my name and also that of my younger son, not to mention my dog Luci too.

  2. I had a similar issue with my onsite partner (he is an Indian staying in US for past few years).. He calls me by lastname , which I thought only Americans did since they didnt know which part of my name was first and which was last!! Oh and there are so many who still spell my name as ‘Pooja’ and not ‘Puja’… not a major deal.. but does irritate at times..

    1. I believe calling people by last name is due to it being more formal than people not knowing what is the first name and last name. Everywhere in the world, except east Asia, first name comes first and last name comes last. It is logical.

      Mispelling can be irritating sometimes. Why can’t people just copy paste from your email when addressing? Especially, if they claim to be “detail oriented” ha ha

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