Love Vs Arranged Marriage

I often see this cartoon being shared on FB and I had to comment here when I saw it in my feed again.

If you feel that way, then, don’t get married. I cannot understand why people who don’t like marriage, think “shaadi ki toh life over” (if you get married, it means that your life is done for) and share “shaadi=barbaadi” ( marriage=destruction) sentiments even bother getting married and put social pressure on all unrelated people to get married.

You feel that way? Don’t get married. It is simple as that.

9 thoughts on “Love Vs Arranged Marriage

  1. I have seen that stupid cartoon on my FB as well and I totally hate it. it is totally done by a man!
    I think it is ridiculous, to compare a marriage to a well – that you cannot get out of – how terrible. People should be excited to get married, they should not fear it….some of my elder male cousins waited for decades to get married, for no good reason other than their own fears about marriage that other men had told them.

  2. I hate the idea of “marriage”. It is :
    1. Leave your job once you marry, or atleast after having a kid.
    2. Go along with your husband to whichever place in the world he feels his career will grow( Career is not a girl thing bcoz if girls take it ,its just a hobby.
    3. It doesnt end with “get married” torture, U shud have kids continues..( Bachche ke bina har aurat adhuri hai n such bullshit!! What if I prefer adopting? Or just dont wish to have kids this early?)
    U ask y do I marry?
    No, I am not married for these simple expectations that a “paraya dhan, khaandaan ki izzat” has!!
    U think its that simple??
    I m in such a pressure from past three years.. i hate going to home!
    The same lecture get married and different versions of why u shud get married from different relatives start.
    These r the same ppl who come and crib about how bad their spouse is.
    How an “ideal marriage” is supposed to be.
    N later lecture again!!!
    Sry for the biiiiiiiiig comment.. But I do wish to conclude I would marry only if I feel the guy respects my opinions and doesnt assume me to be a “pati vrattha” 🙂

    1. I think the problem is not marriage but forcing a narrow restricted view of marriage on every woman in patriarchal societies.

      I understand. In your case, I would suggest avoiding going home until people stop bothering you. Also, if you are not abroad, definitely move abroad especially to a western country and date people out of your country. I was angry like you until I saw many people abroad and realised that equal marriages do exist among so many people. So many people seem to have inter racial marriages here & they escape the pressure of patriarchal culture pressure but true every guy need not be like that.

    1. They are also deluded into thinking they are somehow cool for saying such jokes. Thinking is the wrong word here, they are just following the herd instinct.

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