Reblog – Why you should not visit the Tiger Temple

Updated on 30 June 2016

Update: This Tiger Temple has been shut down  and they have discovered many frozen tiger cubs! This temple was trafficking tigers and tiger parts. So nothing benign about the tiger temple monks. 

Read more here and here.

My FB feed is often has photos of people visiting Thailand. If they go to Thailand, one of the photos  that certainly comes up is of them posing with a tiger. That photo of them gets many likes and comments of “being cool”. I have not been to Thailand or that temple. The entire seemed cruel to me. Why should creatures of the wild be chained and treated like pet cats? Just so that people can show off?

I saw this article shared and knew I had to reblog it – 7 reasons to think twice before visiting Thailand’s “Tiger Temple”

People blindly assume that if it is a temple, it must be a trustworthy thing. I doubt that. Religious institutions are as prone to corruption as the rest of us. Temple/ priest does not automatically mean good.


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